Built With: Aradiom Mobile Framework™
The Aradiom Smart Framework™ is the genius behind every Aradiom product - QuickCity™, QuickBank™, QuickFlight™, etc. The platform's user friendly interface allows maximum flexibility to develop and deploy new applications. The products we show on our web site are just a few examples of what has been developed for clients. The possibilities are only limited by one's imagination. AMP's QuickSuite™ boundless capacity to revolutionize how phones can be used in everyday lives. It's the top performing platform for developing mobile applications in the Java phone class.
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Build rich mobile applications in just hours with Aradiom GUI Designer, a fully flexible interface design environment that runs seamlessly on multiple operating systems. Let your customers experience the richest multi-platform client available with improved branding around content while keeping data traffic at the lowest level. Have full control even over already deployed clients. Aradiom Mobile Platform Application Server lets you deliver, manage and update the clients in seconds, while easily and seamlessly integrating with your company's existing back end systems.
Latest News
The Istanbul Mobil application developed by Aradiom, will be launched shortly to a world premiere.

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October 6-8, 2010
San Francisco
February 14-17, 2011
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